Proflico: About Us

Proflico is a full service digital marketing agency founded in June of 2013 headquarted in Pasadena, CA.

We provide Internet Marketing, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, content, Web Design, Web Hosting, Graphics Design, Branding and more!

Letter from our Founder

“At Proflicowe are dedicated to meet your business goals, and we are confident we will meet all your marketing needs by offering our services. We build beautiful modern websites that are fully functional however, we don’t stop there. Having an attractive website is great; yet, if your customers can’t find your business website on Google there is no point in a great looking website. 


At Proflico, we also provide Search Engine Optimization for every website we build which goes hand-in-hand with our beautiful website designs.  At Proflico, we don’t do contracts. We are certin our work will speak for itself which is why we are confident we will build lasting reltationships with our clients.


Schedule your call today and let Proflico, help you win.” – Vazrik S.

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